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Rebetika and Catharsis

I just stumbled across this article on rembetika/rebetika in a therapeutic context, haven’t had an opportunity to read it myself yet but it relates to the current financial and social crisis in Greece. Should make for interesting reading. The article is written by researcher Yona Stamatis, PhD, who is Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology in the Department of Art, Music and Theater at the University of Illinois, Springfield. It appears in Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy Vol 15, no 3 (2015).

Rebetika and Catharsis: Cultural Practice as Crisis Management


The Invention of Drama – Sound Installation, 2013

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Exhibited @ Constance ARI, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, 2013 Installation medium: Musical Instruments, Rope, Speakers, 3.1 Channel Sound, Micro-Amps.  The Invention of Drama Musical instruments can be people too, in this case a neurotic family of three. Not just any family but … Continue reading


Don’t Move, Don’t Stand Still – Solo Exhibition 2007

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Exhibited @ Entrepot Gallery, Centre for the Art, UTAS, Hobart, Australia, 2007 Don’t Move, Don’t Stand Still This work is about communication and perception, about the contradicted and confused ways in which we sometimes act towards ourselves and other people … Continue reading


Makeshift Tongue – Solo Exhibition 2011

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  Exhibited @ Top Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart, Australia, 2011 Makeshift Tongue As in language, a means to communicate, perhaps in a way that won’t be easily understood. I don’t think I fully understand it myself and that’s ok, … Continue reading