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I started a record label


I started Frustration Jazz earlier this year, initially to put out my own music and I’ve been keeping it pretty quiet until now because of that. But after just three releases – two solo and one by The Drunken Boat – I’m really excited to be puting out the first recordings that I’m not directly involved in. David Palliser’s Lame & Free is a 3-track album of freely improvised music, played mostly on alto sax, influenced by free jazz but definitely non-idiomatic in its approach. David is a member of Melbourne free music legends Charles Ives Singers amongst other acts, as well as being an awesome painter. As for the label, I plan on keeping it pretty wide ranging with a definite bent towards sounds from outside, underneath and in-between. And as much as I like the more free and fucked-up elements of jazz, it’s NOT a ‘jazz’ label.





The For Now – January 10, 2015

Some clips from a recent and rare appearance of The For Now, playing at The Grand Poobah in Hobart with Small Black Lambs and Peter Charles Macpherson also in the line up. Thanks to Pete for the video documentation, you can keep an eye and ear to what’s happening in the Hobart musical wonderground via Pete’s Picks.