Solo – To date just about everything I’ve done as a solo artist has been improvised on 6-string Greek bouzouki, influenced by rembetika as well as free-folk, psych, free improv, American primitive guitarists, drone and noise music. I haven’t played live as much as I’d like to but have released 3 solo albums as of 2017 which you can find on/via my Bandcamp site.

Bourgeois Bigots are Jesse Clark (Howling Gruel, Bad Magic, WitMatCwtS, Special Students) on drums and myself on keys. It’s improvised, like just about everything else I’ve done but with more of a rhythmic bent than most of the other projects. We’ve existed for a few years now in Melbourne but the gigs (and practices) have been pretty sporadic to date. Our first release came out on Albert’s Basement around the middle of 2017.

The Drunken Boat are a Melbourne-based duo with Dale Chapman (Blutack, Klunk). Between us we play an assortment of instruments and electronic devices. Spacey ethno-drone ambience, shit-core rock n’ roll minimalism, spastic noise cacophony and just about every other combination of those words you can think of. We have a Bandcamp here.


Untermorast is a Hobart-based project with multi-media artist/musician Matt Warren (M.0.1.0, mumble(speak), Unconscious Collective, etc). Influences range from industrial and noise through to Kraut-rock, dark ambient, black and doom metal, minimalism, drone, improv and soundtrack music. It began life in 2009 as a heavy, dense and bleak kind of thing but a sense of ritualism and space has gradually crept into what we do. Currently on long-term hiatus but an archival release is in the works for sometime in 2017.

The For Now are Simon Ellaby (Ragtime Frank, The Lost Domain), Steve Wright (solo, Polanyi, Bi-Hour), Hannah Fitzgerald (Mole Street Therapist, Moe Grizzly), Ben Crothers (Moe Grizzly, End Show, hMAS) and myself. Simon moved to Hobart from Brisbane after the end of legendary Aus underground band The Lost Domain and in some ways this project continued on in a similar vein, taking old blues, gospel and free jazz as a jumping off point but often sounding nothing like any of those. We started late in 2012 and continued to play occassionally for the first couple of years after I moved to Melbourne but now on indefinite hiatus. Recordings exist, hopefully some will see the light of day when the time is right.

Hobart Improv Collective is a loose group of musicians in the Hobart area doing everything from Kraut-rock inspired jams to free-improv and keyboard noise. Still occassionally active and although I haven’t been involved since moving to Melbourne, I appear on the Mt. Wellington LP (2013) released by Hobart-based label Rough Skies Records.

Learners is/was a messy punk-improv bass and drums duo with Russell from Soundtracks Will Dissolve (see below). We only played a handful of gigs due to one or the other of us living away from Hobart for extended periods of time, the last of which was at Russell’s wedding. Now on indefinite hiatus with Russell moving to Sydney and myself in Melbourne.

Soundtracks Will Dissolve – an improv project initially begun in 2007 as an acoustic duo with myself on bouzouki and Nigel Farley (Termite Neumatics, solo) on upright bass. With that first incarnation we self-released one very limited CD-R titled …And Sometimes the Sun Comes Out In Roomfuls. Russell Thomson joined on percussion half way through 2008 and we started using electricity around the same time. Amplification helped to extend the possibilities of our sound-making and we ended up experimenting with things like playing in a shipping container and mic’ing up the kitchen at 6a Artist Run Initiative in Hobart. As a trio we had a couple of tracks on compilations but otherwise never released any recordings. We played our last gig in December 2009 at the 6a Sound Fest.

Special Students was the project of my friend Jesse Clark. It started out briefly as a band, became a solo projectthen became a band again before going solo once more. I was involved in the second band incarnation, we played a handful of gigs in 2005 but didn’t release any recordings. There were four of us making a wall of minimalist noise with two guitars, a bouzouki and drums. We weren’t really a metal band but there was definitely some inspiration in the form of blackened hypnotism. Whilst the solo stuff is very different from the band, often alternating between classical guitar and noisier electric tracks, it’s really fantastic and worth a listen.

Soundtracks Will Dissolve in 6a ARI ContainerFest @ Taste Festival, Hobart 3/1/2009.


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