A little about me, seeing as that’s why you’re here. I grew up and lived in southern Tasmania – Hobart or thereabouts – until moving to Melbourne in 2013. I’m currently based back in Hobart as of 2018. I have no formal training in music but I do have a piece of paper from the University of Tasmania that says Bachelor of Fine Arts.

I majored in photography at art school, making works with multiple images and employing ideas from Surrealist montage and installation-based art. I’m interested in issues to do with identity and trauma and the works were attempting to create a visual dialect or symbolic vocabulary of thought and perception in relation to those themes. Definitely psychological but always mindful of the importance of aesthetics because I think conceptual photography can sometimes be a bit of a bore. I also take photos of all sorts of subjects that I come across in everyday life, sometimes with a pro camera, more often than not with my phone camera. You can find the latter stuff on my Instagram page.

Music and/or improvised sound has taken over as my primary creative outlet in recent years. I play bouzouki, amongst other instruments, in a not very taverna-friendly way and aside from rebetika (the Greek blues of the early 20th Century), my musical influences include everything from free improv and jazz to free-folk, psych, American primitive guitarists, drone and noise music. I’ve released 3 solo albums as of 2017 which you can find on/via my Bandcamp site, or listen via my SoundCloud site. More info about the bands I am or have been a part of, can be found on the &Others page of this blog.

As of 2016, I’m also running a CDR label, releasing small runs of my own and other people’s sounds. It’s called Frustration Jazz, which probably says a lot about me.


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