Hi, this is a blog that will do for my personal website. It’s all about my sounds, my art, my interests, my opinions; hopefully you’re reading this because you’re interested and you don’t just think I’m a narcissist. To begin with then, I’m an improvising sound-maker with no formal training in music and sometimes a visual artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. I grew up in Hobart or thereabouts, where I lived until moving to Melbourne in 2013.

In my visual work I often use multiple photographic images, employing ideas from installation-based art and Surrealist montage… in layman’s terms I take photographs and arrange them together in unusual ways. I’m interested in ideas around personal and social identity and the works are an attempt to create a kind of visual dialect or symbolic vocabulary of thought and perception in relation to those themes. I also take photos of things I come across in everyday life, sometimes with a pro camera, more often than not with my phone camera. You can find the latter stuff on my Instagram page. I’ve made sound-based art too which is something I’d like to do more of in future.

Of late I’ve become a bit of an art scene drop out – I’m still very interested in the visual arts though don’t get me wrong – and music, or improvised sound, has taken over as my number one creative outlet. I play bouzouki, amongst several other instruments, in a not so taverna-friendly way. Aside from rembetika, the urban Greek blues of the first half of the 20th Century, my musical influences include everything from free improv and jazz to drone, minimalism, folk, Kraut and psych rock, post-punk and noise. I don’t mind a bit of doom and black metal on occasion either, not really into the fast stuff that much though. More info about the music-related projects I am/have been a part of, can be found on the Involvement page of this blog.

As of 2016, I’m also running my own loungeroom music label, releasing small runs of my own and other people’s sounds.


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